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protect your hair 
with she intense, 
heat protection hair spray

she intense heat protection

Protect your hair from the high temperatures
of ceramic hair irons and blow dryers
with she intense heat protection hair spray

gives intense moisture to your hair and locks in nutrients,
leaving your hair in optimum condition,
that everyone is talking about !
specialy designed fomula to work with
she ceramic styling irons and high temperature blow dryers.
Avaliable in Pink Bottle

pink bottle

just £5.95

she - intense heat protection - hair spray

Specially formulated with light Sandlewood aroma.
she intense heat protection has been specially formulated by our chemist, to provide the best possible protection
for your hair against harmful damage caused by high temperatures, from today’s ceramic hair irons and blow dryers.

The damaged caused.
This can lead to dry, coarse hair developing split ends leaving your hair looking poor and unmanageable,
now needing a long gentle course of conditioning to bring your hair back to life,
and this could have all been avoided !

How can this be avoided ?
By using she - intense heat protection hair spray

How does this work?
Spray a light mist to your hair just prior to styling, this will add moisture to your hair
giving it a light conditioning treatment, now you are ready to add heat.

At 80 degrees Celsius she intense heat protection formula now seals your hair, preventing split ends.
This is often caused at the time your hair is cut, leaving the ends open with little protection against
peeling and further attack from bacteria.

At 190 degrees Celsius she intense protection formula now acts as a lacquer, this locks in the moisture
added before styling, keeping you hair conditioned. It also repels external moisture in the air.
As you leave the salon the process of your hair resorting back to its natural state will stop.
Your hair will not absorb moisture in the air and the styling effect will last for longer, reducing the need
for further styling with ceramic hair straighteners and blow dryers.

she - intense heat protection hair spray.
Is formulated with Ultra Violet filters to protect your body from harmfully rays from the sun.

she - intense heat protection hair spay.
Is a water-based emulsion, it is not tested on animals, it has no oil content.
It has a light sandalwood fragrance with ultra violet protection filters and is made exclusively for shehair.
specially formulated for use with she high temperature ceramic tourmaline hair straighteners.

she heat protection spray hair available at your local salon, ask your stylist for details today.

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