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At the time a revolution was happening in the hair styling world.

Superior hair stylers were being developed utilizing fine ceramic materials for a greater thermal
conductivity thus vastly reducing the time required to relax the hair cuticle, this is the outer layer of
hair and makes up the hair shaft, applying heat relaxes the hair cuticle and allows your hair to be
re-styled new ceramic heater plates would typically heat from room temperature to 210 degrees C
in around 15 seconds, far quicker than the old hair dryer.
This new generation of styling irons rapidly took of around the UK

Whilst working as a professional in the hair dressing industry,
Our Salon sold the new generation hair stylers and online too, the demand was phenomenal.

We saw, there cleary was a niche to combine luxury with affordability
and made a business decision. We invested in aquiring a this product at a more
"affordable price, than the market leader at this time"


In 2002 we launched our first generation of hair Irons under the brand name of "she"

The she, in shehair - whats does this stand for? Straight Hair and Evolution.

"Because an evolution was happening right now, in hair straightening"

Our first Production model EO38 manufactured in the Republic of China
and Featured PTC ceramic heater plates, a big step forward from Alumimium

A PTC heater is a Positive Temperature Coefficient which is a unique technolog and
replaces the traditional heating hot wire with ceramic stone
The simple change of material makes PTC heater a great choice for styling Iron Plates


The second generation of "she" Irons featured variable temperature control
with a digital temperature display and ceramic plates


Fashion damanded a new style of hair iron
shehair production moved to South Korea where NJ Electronics manufactured the next
generation of she irons and we actually listened to what our customers really wanted!

High quality rapid heating ceramic hair straightener / styler with the best
advannces in technology. The new iron had the latest microprocessor and ceramic heaters
to regulate a constant temperature across the whole length of the ceramic plates
We had the body overhauled re-styled and shaped to fit perfectly into your hand
it had to be nimble and light, it had to be rebust and strong enough for
professional use, it was designed to go straight into the salons.


Having sold over the internet and word of mouth we employed our first sale's rep and
headed into the salons. The irons flew of the shelves and we were soon hiring more,
within a year We were now a recognised brand name supplying over 800 high street salons.


Now an established supplier to trade and consumers an oportunity arose to have
the manufacture of the worlds leading brand names manufacture our irons,
it was to good an offer to turn down. We took it!

Unil Electronic Corperation agreed to re-manufacture an Original improved 3.1b model
under the she brand name.
We sold this much loved model in Pink, White, Black, Mini and Wide styles into 2019,

and now we watch as company politics have come into play, with famous brand names being
bought and sold and manufacturing companies seeing a new order of Directors changing
their alliance's to the brands they have supported for many years.


Now we are on par with the big brand names and command the best build quality
and proven technology, We are now the Golden Girl of the Hair Iron Industry,
And yes we really do have the Golden Irons now!


Wanting to expand on our successful Gold range we have added the new Black Pearl Original
and Wide sizes, the same iron with all the features, but with an alternative sleek look.
Not wanting to stop there We have also brought back an old favourite,
The very popular she Ice White and modernized this 3.1b model with auto shut off and variable
temperature control retaining the lovely Pure Ice White ceramic plates.

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